Monday, 2 June 2014

Ducklings, pace and no Colour Run

MONDAY 2nd June - 6.00pm
Distance: 5.44km
Time: 33:03
Average pace: 6.26 min/km
Route: Kings Cross to London Bridge
Music: Paramore

I've neglected to blog for a few runs, largely due to them being not all that exciting but also because I've been forgetful. I have still been running since my last update on the 17th May, I just haven't been talking much about it. I have in fact run a combined 23.5km across five runs since then so I've not been too bad. I'm starting to feel myself get into a groove with running and am doing runs bout 2-3 times a week!

The only thing of note on today's run, apart from listening to some good angsty Paramore, is I managed to shave about twenty seconds off my average page yay! I've been stuck since We Own The Night - it's like I've been getting SLOWER, so the last couple runs I've been trying really hard to up the ante. It's not all easy - partway between flying and dying at times - but I'm pretty pleased. My best pace today was 5min 55sec which is the best I've managed maybe ever. Progress!

In other news, my friend Catherine and I had intended on doing Colour Run yesterday, but found ourselves bailing out for various reasons - we both still ran somewhere, just not all the way in distant, far off Wembley. I was pretty irked that, having asked them via Twitter, they wouldn't have bag drop facilities on site; for £30 to sign up alone, I would have hoped for more than a ratty t-shirt and having to hold all my stuff while I run. Anyway, it looks like people who did it had a great time, but I much preferred running around my local lake.

On that note, my new favourite thing about running near to home is I have found a new 5km (ish) route that detours via South Norwood Lake. I am very inclined to keep going back because since three weeks ago almost ALL of the different water birds there have had BABIES! So running twice round the lake means I get to see a gosling, baby coots and moorhens and some new ducklings that I spotted on Sunday. They are all adorable and grow every week I visit. It adds a certain - something to my running adventures and I will definitely be going as many weekends as I can to watch to watch the little darlings get bigger. Whatever keeps me running, right?!