Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Kings Cross to London Bridge, via Waterloo - 7k (ish)

MONDAY 6th MAY - 5.45pm
Distance: 7.5k (approx)
Time: 55:31
Average pace: n/a
Route: Kings Cross, Holborn, Aldwych, Waterloo Bridge, Southwark, London Bridge
MusicBright Lights - Ellie Goulding

MapMyRun went a bit nuts this evening so my distance is a bit of a logical guess. It's logged the run as 9.1km, but it's also logged that I somehow flew over the top of one of the Kings College London buildings during my journey, so I'm making a leap that something was affecting my GPS. I read that tall buildings can confuse it, and undoubtedly there are a few of those in the city. Never mind.

I decided to take one more long run before We Own The Night this coming Saturday, and took an extended run to London Bridge from work, via Waterloo. I absolutely love the view of London from Waterloo Bridge; my bus used to go over it every day before I moved further South, and I truly think it is one of the best vantage points in London to see the city. It was a sunny evening and so running across it was no less lovely, although quite a few people got in my way.

I try to be very patient running through the midst of crowds during commuter hour - but always find myself blaming people left, right and centre for getting in the way of my very important running. I'm sure I'm very unreasonable but don't runners get right of way?! We are on a mission... to fitness... and er, to get our trains, etc!

Feeling fairly happy with this evening's run, all in all. I wish I had a proper log - if anyone can make sense of MapMyRun, you can see it here, but I am assuming it's just one I'm going to have to base on logic. In terms of the time, slower than usual, but the traffic lights were also hugely against me today. One thing I liked about using Strava was it would tell your 'moving time'; MMR just seems to tell you the overall time elapsed since you started the workout. NEVER MIND.

No run now until Thursday, which will be a simple one, and then it's the big 10k on Saturday. EEK!

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