Monday, 5 May 2014

South Norwood Hill: 5.24k

SUNDAY 5th MAY - 9.00am
Distance: 5.24k.
Time: 32:38
Average pace: 06:13 per km
Route: South Norwood Hill, Selhurst residential loop
MusicThe New Classic - Iggy Azalea; Little Mix - Little Mix

Living in a really hilly area has its challenges when out and about running. I'm not sure anyone is a fan of running uphill, and no matter what run route I plan from my flat in the surrounding areas, I seem to always encounter one.

Today was no exception. I planned out a simple 5k route to tide me over the Bank Holiday - and not feeling a desire to do anything too strenuous after the epic 11k on Friday - using MapMyRun, and it never looks hilly on the map of course, ugh. It was a really nice easy start to the run, down to Selhurst with lots of flats and slight declines - and it was nice to run for a change without loads of traffic lights and/or people stopping my flow, which is often the way when running through central London.

But when I got to the uphill areas, OUCH. One particular road was so steep and accounted for about 1km of my run, so was quite a struggle. I ended up switching my music to something poppy (hence the Little Mix) to keep me bouncing along. And then, after I'd done the hill, I surprised myself by breaking into the fast run I could possibly manage, 2.41 km/min according to MapMyRun. I don't know why - I just think I was relieved to have got through that hideous hill. It's amazing how you can find reserves in your energy just when you feel like you couldn't possibly do any more.

A nice run, and pleased I got myself out of bed earlier on a Bank Holiday than I might have to make sure I did it. I'm also pleased that my average pace is a little faster than usual. I spent the afternoon having a delicious Wahaca salad with my best friend, and going for a long slow walk around Hyde Park admiring the duckies.

Do any of you happen to love hill running? I understand it's good for you but... meh. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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